Integrative Seminar Week-5

In this class,we revised what was taught and gave a written test. We were also marked on the final submission of the research done.


Integrative Studio Week-6

In this class,we drew our classmates in 6 minutes time. (Quick sketches) We showed few sketches done by us and got corrections.We were asked to do few more sketches (Total 25) We also discussed about the topic for integrative Studio/Seminar and were asked to find general problems that our discipline faces.

Object as History Week-7

In this class, We discussed about the museum experience and about the paintings and objects there. Select an object that exists now.Go back 50 years and find it's original purpose.See how it has changed over the years in terms of material,form structure,usage,etc.

Integrative Studio 2 (week 5)

This was the review class. 3 faculties took the review on the work that we presented.We discussed all the ISDI related problems and the world problems .We were graded on our research and presentation. Everyone listened to each persons presentation and absorbed all the feedback that even others got. My Research topics: In the next... Continue Reading →

Object as history Week 6

In this class we were Baluchistan India and the wold exibition.Looking at the world in context of India.How india progressed in fields on material culture,technology,etc in term of objects. Exhibition is divided in 9 stories. We talked about: -"Hand axe"to be a main object. -Agriculture related objects. (Functional purpose:Shows storage solutions and aesthetics ) -Rhinos... Continue Reading →

Time Week 5

This class was a review week. In the first half, We got time to complete our drawings and make necessary changes. We had to present the layout with proper grids and allignment on board or table. We were asked to make a sequence of 10 abstract paintings that had time combined with story in it.... Continue Reading →

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